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This is an awesome adventure game which features a love story of two opposite elements: fire and water. In order to reach each other, they will have to overcome countless obstacles together. They will have to work together and help each other when one of them is not able to complete a specific challenge.

A world where they are trapped is called The Forest Temple, this is a dangerous place and holds a lot of traps and obstacles.

The main objective in the game is to reach exit doors as fast as possible, of course along the way you will have to grab all diamonds as well. The game is really challenging and thrilling, a lot of people find it also very entertaining.

At some point, you may think that levels in the game are too similar and easy, but as soon as you will reach high levels you will notice that controlling two characters simultaneously is the main trick of the game and it is a very hard task to do it right way.

The main thing that you should remember is that there are traps that affect only some elements, either water or fire and there are some traps that affect both elements. Plan your move wisely and don’t mix opposite elements no matter what.

As you can see the game is really interesting, there are a lot of different challenges that are hard and entertaining, there is an awesome love story and cute characters as well. Anyway, it is really entertaining and you should give it a try.