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Fireboy And Watergirl UnblockedProbably the most adorable multiplayer flash game for couples – Fireboy And Watergirl Unblocked is now available for playing and it has tons of fun and adventure for you to offer.

The game comes with two different characters: Fireboy and Watergirl, each player controls his/her own character.
For example, Watergirl can be controlled with A,W,D buttons,
Fireboy can be controlled with arrow buttons: ← ↑ →.

Each character in the game can solve its own unique task, for example, water traps can be solved only with Watergirl character and fire traps can only be solved with Fireboy, no matter what never mix these two elements or it is going to be game over!

Your main objective is to reach the end of the map, along the way you will have to solve different puzzles, you will have to overcome different obstacles together and it is really amazing experience, multiplayer games are always a lot better than solo games IMHO.

There are many dangers which you need to be aware of, for example falling in boiling mud can kill both characters in the game, you need to avoid it no matter what, also avoid holes, don’t fall in them and make sure that you pick up all diamonds in the map (both red ones and blue ones), if you will mist even single one next level won’t unlock.


With all that being said you are ready to go, enjoy wonderful world filled with magic and adventures.

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